Trying to run Elements 9 on windows 11?

Why? Why is it that phone support ends at 10 am not even the furthest west side of north america when this system is such an obstacle course to activate.

Pissed off customer here

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase Elements 9 was supporting Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Windows 11 wasn’t on the market at the time. Therefore is not officially support. Update to the current Cubase version, please.

What kind of issue are you having? Are you trying to install Cubase after upgrading your OS or switching to a new computer?

While Cubase Elements 9 is not officially supported, it is very likely to run on Windows 11. I can run Cubase Pro 9, for example.

If, as requested, you explain what you need, probably someone will help./

Are you actually in the USA? Each country has a different support method.

I am in Canada

New PC

So I just reverted back to windows 10 and still no go.

This is what i get.

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Access Denied




Reverted back to windows 10… possibly not necessary.

Searched internet for alternate places to Download Cubase 9 elements software as “my steinberg” was a faulty link

Downloaded software here> [Cubase | Steinberg] ://

Fumbled way thru it but all is working now.
Just an opinion but this very much seems like an intended glitch to promote needless upgrades as buyers expense, Especially considering first comment is “Update to the current Cubase version, please.”

… not impressed.

Be sure to observe whether you’re on the right page. Sounds like you were looking at USA support, while:

Email & Telephone Support

Steinberg Canadian Support agents are available to respond to emails and return calls Monday through Friday 10 am-6 pm (Eastern Time Zone), excluding holidays.

It’s not as cynical as that. You asked about running Cubase 9 on Windows 11, so @Martin.Jirsak answered according to Steinberg’s System Requirements for Cubase Elements 9. That seems like a reasonable answer, since the version you’re running was released 6 years ago.

The update costs about $45 CAD ($30 USD). Really not expensive.