Trying to sync my click with an imported .wav file of piano solo

Hello! I remotely record trumpet lines over files/tracks people send me. I’ve
recently had good success syncing my click/metronome with imported Midi files by
delelecting “ignore master track events on merge,” in the Midi Import
Options menu. I’ve also found that deselecting “musical mode” in the Pool
Window can help sync the click track they sent me with my click track -
including all tempo changes in a song. Now, for a new project, I’ve been sent a .wav
file of a pianist who I will “perform with” by laying my trumpet track over
hers. She has not included a click/tempo track and neither of these 2 options allow my click to sync with her playing. She is playing with good rhythm, but not with a click; she originally recorded herself from her iPhone and sent me a .M4A file which I converted to .wav. Is there a way for my click/metronome to interpret her tempo and sync with it? Thanks so much. Jeremy