Trying to upgrade from cubase 5 to 11 artist

Wondering if anyone could help i have messaged support no idea on how long thats gonna take though, my issue:
So bought an upgrade from cubase 5 to 11 artist minus the usb licencer as already had one for cubase 5 i own got codes and all but when putting in the licence upgrade code in elicencer its saying “currently theres no licence available which can be upgraded” i own the full version of 5 and its a educational copy have i bought the wrong version or something?

I’m not sure exactly what you purchased, but there is no upgrade path from Cubase 5 full version to Cubase Artist 11. This would be considered a "down"grade. The only discounted license you can purchase at this time is the update to Cubase Pro 11, I believe.

i purchased the 2nd from last upgrade to artist 11 for £170 it says upgrade from cubase studio 5 there so gathered this was straight forward upgrade ?

I thought you said you had the full version of Cubase 5, not Studio, though? If that is true the code will not work.

You will most likely need to see if you can get a refund on your purchase.

Yeah thanks for the help im just trying to get a refund, currently waiting for a reply has been 8! full days still no reply ridiculous

That’s rough, man. Did you try to contact Steinberg or did you try to contact the seller? If you purchased from the Steinberg shop I believe you need to contact asknet/Nexway.

I wish to cancel my order - what do I need to do? : Steinberg - Online Shop Support by asknet (

Yeah purchased from the shop i opened a paypal case yesterday and had a message from asknet that they just handle payments and that i need to contact steinberg so just waiting on them apparently they also pushed the message to steinberg as well
will try that link man as well thanks