Trying to Use External Transport Controls on Roland A-300 Pro in Cubase 9.0.30

I recently switched from using Cakewalk Sonar to using Cubase 9. Sonar was buggy as all get-out and I finally decided to invest in a real DAW.
Anyway, I still have all my old hardware and would love to be able to use it without having to spend a ton more money on compatible hardware with my new DAW.

To that point, I have linked up my old Roland A-300 Pro to cubase and for the most part it works automatically; however, the transport controls, faders and other misc functions do not seem to natively communicate with Cubase.

I have been trying to find a tutorial video or online forum exchange that answers my question, but alas I don’t think I have found it.

What I’d like to be able to do is use the play, record, stop, pause, scrub and other functions on my keyboard to control my cubase session.

Could anybody walk me through this? I know the actual midi triggers are getting into cubase just fine as everything, when pressed, turned or slid, will activate the blue “midi input data received” meter at the bottom right of my cubase session—but I can’t seem to get them to trigger their corresponding functions in cubase.

Hi and welcome,

If there is a Mackie Control emulation on Roland A-300, Add the Mackie Control in the Studio Setup.

If not, use Generic Remote device.