Trying to use Spectralayers 10 Pro Trial

Trying to Install Spectralayers 10 pro trial version into my Cubase pro 13. Finally got to the point of activating Spectralayers Pro in the Activation Manager. I put an MP3 track down, highlited it and Activated it from Audio/Extnsions/Spectrealayers, then I get a message saying ‘Enter A Valid Licenese & Restart Program’ :thinking:

What happens if you launch SpectraLayers Pro as a standalone software ? (from the start menu on Windows, or the app launcher on macOS).
Additionally, can you screenshot what you see in the Steinberg Activation Manager.

Hi Robin. Cant find Spectralayers in the Start Menu under Steinberg at all . Should it be there?

It should be listed directly as “SpectraLayers 10”, not in a Steinberg folder :

What do you see if you open the Start menu and type SpectraLayers ?

Yes I understand that, It should be sitting just above Steinberg Folders
Steinberg Folder

Ok then I would suggest reinstalling SpectraLayers 10 (all SpectraLayers 10 installers are the same, regardless if you intend to use One/Elements/Pro).

Thanks for the help, I shall try that in the morning

Hi Robin. Thanks for the help again. Downloaded it again and it installed OK this time.

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