Tuba - bass and treble clef

Would it be possible for the Tuba instrument to have the same options as Bass (Brass)?

Eb and Bb treble clef transposing; bass clef non-transposing

Thank you!

Could you say a bit more about the context in which these other notational conventions are used? It’s always helpful to know where these things are used and needed.

In the meantime, you could presumably add Bass in B flat and E flat and edit their names in Setup mode?

As far as I know it, the only place where the Tuba is in Eb - is in British Brass-Bands.

In my experience w/American tubists, when they pick up an Eb tuba, they do the transpositions themselves. I never see Eb tuba parts over here.

We have a fine tubist in our brass quintet. I never know what instrument he’ll be playing from day to day, but he’s always reading regular C parts.

Daniel, in things like brass quintets it is common to include bass clef, Eb treble and Bb treble parts for Tuba. I don’t want to label one of these ‘tuba’ and the other two ‘bass’. Yes it is easy to work around…

Presumably there is only a single tuba in the brass quintet, Steve? We hope to have a feature to allow you to create a copy of an existing layout with a different transposition in the future, which I think would probably be the better way to do this for brass band/ensemble music. Let me know if you disagree!

Quintet was just an example. I’ve just written a dozen arrangements for a nonet with two tubas, a bass clef reader and an Eb treble clef reader.
A differently transposed copy of an existing layout would solve the quintet issues.
Is there a reason for tuba and bass not to have the same options (as they are the instrument)?

No, there’s no particular reason other than that you can’t have those options now, whereas things like changing the name of the ‘Bass’ instrument to say ‘Tuba’ can be done right away with the version of the software you’re already using.

Yep. Easy enough. Thanks.