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in the attached passage I set the tucking index for the harmonics on 1, for the slur on 2 and for the 8va on three. Nevertheless the harmonics remain on top of the others. Does anyone know how to change that?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @florian-bergmann – welcome to the forum!

There are separate tucking indexes for playing techniques (i.e. for the vertical positions of playing techniques relative to other playing techniques) as for octave lines, slurs, and tuplets. So unfortunately changing the tucking index for a playing technique won’t change its position relative to an octave line.

The issue of harmonic circles appearing above octave lines has been discussed a few times on this forum. One tip other users have shared is to flip the octave line so it’s positioned below the staff, then move it graphically up back so it appears above the staff.

Dorico also has a feature for harmonics that works as setting properties for the notes themselves, rather than using a playing technique. There are different styles for artificial and natural harmonics.

Do you know if this issue has being solved in Dorico 5? (I mean having a quick option for placing octava lines above not only harmonic circles but also above playing techniques)

Or is this still the best solution?: Most important feature requests for Dorico 4 - #502 by MarcLarcher


The workaround still applies and is the best workflow, as far as I know :wink:

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Thank you so much, Marc!

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