Tuesday's London event...will video be availble post event?

Hi Daniel and crew,

I am sure you folks are hardly getting any sleep these days…(try to a nap before the event Daniel…you don’t wanna look to bad with the whole world watching…hehe) but I just wanted to check that we will be able to see the event after the fact on the Dorico Youtube channel, yes?

Yes, that’s the idea - it’ll be recorded and made available after the event.

There will be a live stream from Steinberg - see


and there will be a live video on YouTube - see the Dorico channel. Not sure if it will be available afterwards, but I’m guessing it will.

Yes, the video will be available after the event. I’m not sure whether the unedited stream will be available directly after the event, but we are certainly planning on doing a bit of editing on the stream and putting it back up on the Dorico YouTube channel as soon as possible. Best to watch live if you can!

Or, even better, to be there in person! :wink: