.tun files for Sampler Track (so you can play any sample microtonally)

It would be nice to be able to load .tun files into the Sampler Track so you can play microtonal scales or scales with different intonations/temperament (or something equivalent to .tun, but personally I prefer .tun)

Right now, I accomplish this by loading samples into Serum, which supports .tun files. But it’s a big waste of CPU and it would be much better to just have this option in the Sampler Track.


Could you link to the specification of the *.tun file, please?

Could you use MIDI Insert Micro Tuner instead?

Not exactly. With a .tun file, you can have more or less than 12 tones in an octave. You’re not trapped with the western 12 note system.

A .tun file basically is just a text document with an array listing MIDI note value and pitch in hz, and you can map each note to a designated hertz value. I think you there’s also a way you can just set the notes in an octave and have them repeat, but basically, this is all it is.

Here’s some specifications:

And here’s some easy ways to create tun files, although if you understand the syntax, it’s also do-able by just renaming a txt file with .tun

I mean, it wouldn’t have to be specifically a .tun file… but some way to control the pitch of notes 1 through 128 (and be able to save the tuning preset) would be super cool.