Tuned and untuned percussion in the same kit, or similar visual result?

I’m sorry if this has been answered somewhere - I’m sort of going round and round in circles. Is there a way of showing, in a score, tuned and untuned percussion instruments in a similar way to how unpitched percussion kits show? I’m just trying to group a xylophone and a tam-tam bracketed together, played by the same person, with a stave for each instrument showing throughout the score. Thank you for any help.

One can make a special layout that includes both xylophone and an unpitched kit. That will show both Players in the same layout, but one would want to use two Players in one layout rather than trying to shoehorn a pitched and unpitched percussion into one Player if one wants both to show throughout the score.

One can handle bracketing in the Engrave mode.

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Thank you Derrek. That certainly pointed me in the right direction, doing it as 2 separate tasks like that!