Tuner fails to work on Elements 9

Just decided to try using tuner on Elements 9. “Insert” it on an audio track and can see my guitar input when plucked, but no response from tuner.
It’s as if it hears nothing. I have record and monitor buttons active but no sign of tuner response. Any ideas will be very welcome. :bulb:

Hi and welcome,

You have to enable Monitor on the track to make sure the signal is taken from the track input.

Disable direct monitoring.

Thanks Martin. I was using monitor button. The only way I get any response on tuner is with record and monitor buttons on to record a plucked string. Then, turn both buttons off and play back the recorded plucked string. Then tuner gives a reading. Strange.
Basically, the tuner only responds to a recorded note.


You can also insert the Tuner to the Input Channel in the MixConsole.