Tuner tool in Cubase AI

Hey guys, new to Cubase! I have recorded some vocals and need to tune some of them but the strobe tuner under “Tools” in the “Insterts” tab for that track doesn’t seem to be actually tuning anything. It reads the pitch but does not correct it. Just wondering if I’m required to do anything more than just activate the tuner? Is there something I am also supposed to do within the track?

Let me know if you think you can help! Thanks.

That Tuner is a Guitar Tuner :laughing: . Its not supposed to tune Audio :mrgreen:
What you look for is Steinberg Pitch Correct. That Plugin is not available for AI. Its only available for Elements, Artist and Pro. You have several option now:

Option 1. Upgrade to Elements
Option 2. Find an alternative VST Effect. There is a free comparable one in the free fx bundle from meldaproduction.
Option 3. Buy Melodyne essential. Its a professional tool that isn’t that expensive in the small version (about 99€) but will bring you much better results than anything that comes free or Steinberg pitch correction plugin.
Option 4. Cut the Events of your vocals and fine tune it in the info line above your track list. ( i am not sure if the fine tune option is available in AI)

Exactly what it is supposed to do. The tuner is a tuner, not a pitch correction plugin. Check the Plugins PDF, if “Pitch correct” is included in your version.