Tuner upgrade

It might be time to update/improve the Tuner included with Cubase. It may be that the present tuner was written for older, slower computers. Some suggestions include the following (the present tuner already has some of them):

  1. Alternative skins such as guitar/bass type as well as strobe.
  2. Better bass note handling. (always a challenge!)
  3. Standard tuning, eg Guitar, Bass, Violin etc.
  4. Microtuner for alternative music scales
  5. Near zero cpu overhead when turned off.

This seems like the type of job you could give to a university student looking for work experience.


The tuner is such a let down. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind it at all if it outright disappeared in the next version so that I would finally be pushed to download a third party tuner.

I never get satisfactory tracking, pitch detection is always iffy, response uncertain. Plugged post-fader, pre fader, helped with gain up front or not, nothing seems to matter to this capricious tuner. Tuning a bass guitar with it is an exercise in futility. Guitar, less of the same. Who knows.

Meanwhile, a mobile phone application from years back, Pitchlab, works better than most of commercially available hardware/physical tuners. :laughing: