I can’t get my tuner to work - it will open but not pick up my guitar.

I have just set up Cubase Pro 10.5. I have connected a UR 22 C interface. I can use Insert effects for the guitar. However, I can’t get the tuner to pick up a signal. I have followed the advice on Cubase homepage such as the usual turn on the monitor.

Any advice would be most welcome. I really appreciate it.

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just put it on your channel like other inserts. arm the track for input and you should be able to pick up the signal if you selected the correct input for your guitar

Thank you. I will try that.
I appreciate your reply.

Hi there

Do you have direct monitoring turned on? If so, turn it off, just for this scenario.

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FWIW i always have the tuner on the input rather than the channel. No need to worry about arming record or monitoring that way.

I have been putting the Tuner as an Insert on the Stereo Out and then only enable it when tuning an instrument. This has suited my workflow over the years and has the benefit of only needing to load one instance of the Tuner. However, the idea of putting it on the instrument input does look like an elegant and sensible approach.

On the topic of Tuners, some prefer to use the GTune freeware tuner. It may be a more familiar layout for guitarist and seems to work pretty well.


I’m among those that use the GTune tuner, primarily because i find the Steinberg one does a very poor job with bass guitars.

Thanks for the tips about using the Tuner.

I usually place the Tuner on the Input channel, but having it on Stereo Out is a great idea, too.

What about having it live as a Control Room Insert?

I didn’t know about GTune. Downloaded it. Thanks. :slight_smile: