Tuning in dorico elements 3.5

I am trying to change the pitch of a tune in Dorico elements. Help say press ctrl+shift+p to get playback options. I have tried that and nothing! I want to change the pitch to 445hz. Any help would be appreciated

Welcome @Guzbod - unfortunately Dorico Elements doesn’t include Playback Options, that’s only available in Dorico Pro.

Thanks. What a shame

If you’ve not previously done the trial of Dorico Pro 3.5, I believe you can request it in order to run Dorico as Pro for 30 days and save a project with the Playback Option set to 445 Hz - you can then keep that file as a starting point for future projects you want to use that playback pitch.

Alternatively, you could post your project here on the forum and ask if a fellow user who has Dorico Pro might be willing to download it, change the tuning, and send it back to you.

You can also change the tuning in your VST. Dorico will remember the settings when you save the project.

That’s quite a subtle change. What’s the need? You could possibly adjust the pitch of the audio after export, in audio wave editing software, or in a DAW like Logic or Cubase.

I am arranging parts for bombarde and bagpipes and they are high pitch instruments 445hz . Hence the need to alter tuning to play along. Now sorted as I upgraded to Dorico 3.5