Tuning & Transpose

Hi I have Yamaha MOXF8, when I open any VSTI in Cubase and whatever Transpose the keyboard is set on the VSTI plays in that same transpose but whenever I record in Hypnotic Dance sounds in Cubase both the Hypnotic dance sounds and the keyboard sounds get D-tuned I mean that the sound pitch changes.

Please listen to the sample provide the piano sound is from the keyboard moxf8 and synth sound is from Hypnotic Dance you will understand what I mean, my Keyboard transpose is set to “0” (not +1 or -1), in this sample.
I have tried changing the Transpose but still the sounds are not matching! Is there an option to change transpose in Hypnotic Dance?

kindly send me reply quickly as I have a new project which I need to complete and 90% of it needs to be done in Hypnotic Dance so I am waiting thanks for the help

Please is there anyone who can help my project is due !

Do the interface and project have the same sample rate settings?