Tuplet conversion of ONLY selected notes

The goal: convert normal selected notes into a tuplet of any kind, without affecting any notes nearby. This passage for example:

My goal would be to only convert those two notes which are selected, and then leave a gap for me to add a third, to look like this (which I achieved through workarounds):

However, in reality, this is what will happen:

I fully understand why Dorico thinks to do this, it needs to make up a third note for a triplet (as I selected 3:2), so in order to do so it converts the nearest note which makes up three for a triplet. However, I would prefer it only convert that which I’ve explicitly selected, and in order to make up the math, leave a rest instead.

That said, I am fully aware of the stop line and insert mode. Doing that, however, results in a complete truncation/removal of that following half note, like so:

Obviously I wouldn’t want that. Really just want the above, take the selected notes, convert, and create rest(s) with what space is leftover.

Here’s a somewhat hidden trick I discovered searching the forums - if you go into write mode, and then do your tuplet conversion with the caret active and parked where you want it, the behavior provides me with exactly what I am looking for. Good to know, however I wouldn’t have guessed this on my own (thankful for this forum!). But is there any reason it can’t do this conversion without entering write mode? I feel like in most cases you’d want to convert only that which you’ve selected… at least having the option would be nice, unless I’m missing something in the preferences?

Simple way: Insert mode on. Add the new note. Select the first note. Create the tuplet (;3). Insert mode off.


Thanks for your response. That solution works too. Do I need to enable the stop line for worry of screwing up something in my music down stream? I tried with a stop line but predictably what happened is the preceding half-note got truncated by the line, so it then turned into a dotted quarter.

However I noticed when I tried this method without the stop line on, and followed your steps exactly, it did create the tuplet and phrase I am looking for - I just want to make sure if I use this method I don’t create any issues many bars later without realizing. (Seeing the music all shift with insert mode is admittedly a little scary!)

Hi @wing (I hope I don’t repeat something already said) you can put the Stop Bar wherever you want. If you put it on the half note, you have what you desire (and in this case it works independently of using or not the insert mode):
CleanShot 2024-03-22 at 22.05.06


No need to panic. Dorico will quite happily handle this.

It is well worth experimenting with all the different Insert Modes to see how Dorico handles different sorts of insertion, especially tuplet-ification.

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Actually, I wasn’t aware you could do this with the stop bar - I thought it was only available on bar lines. That’s really cool, played around with it just now and this will come in handy in lots of other ways!

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Hi Christian,
what app are you using to show the shortcut onscreen?
It’s very elegant!

Hi @Michele_Galvagno1 , I use CleanShot X on Mac for all the examples.