Tuplet creation on rest

Apologies if this has been covered, I couldn’t find this particular issue searching through the forum on tuplets but I may have missed something.

Is this intended behaviour when creating a tuplet on a quaver rest? I thought perhaps Dorico can’t “see” that the selected rest is a quaver but having checked the note duration panel the 8th note is definitely selected.

I’m also aware that I can type “3:2e” to get the result I’m after but I just found it confusing what Dorico defaulted to in this situation.

https://imgur.com/a/IDB5wPx (sorry can someone help me in remembering how to add a video/gif to a post? It’s been a while…)

Standard rests are implicit: they’re visual padding that signify an absence of notes. They don’t have any value of their own.
If you select an implicit rest outside of note input and hit ; 3:2 Enter, you’ll always get a tuplet that uses the default note value (which is crotchets).

You’ve already stumbled upon 3:2e.
Other methods that should work successfully are:
a) select the quaver rest, hit O to force it (which will make it explicit) then ; Enter (the 3:2 will be autofilled)
b) select the quaver rest, hit Enter or Shift-N to invoke the caret, ; Enter (again the 3:2 will be autofilled).

b) would be my preferred option however the 3:2 doesn’t seem to autofill.

Ah you’re right.

I agree that what Dorico is doing here isn’t very helpful: it shows the quaver/eighth selected in the Notes panel but then proceeds to create a tuplet with a quarter/crotchet as its unit. I’ll talk to my colleague Stefan about this at some point, because I think ideally we should change this.