Tuplet deleted when pasting notes into tuplet

For some reason I cannot paste notes from one tuplet into another empty one. When do that the tuplet I paste into disappears.

Here I try pasting from a 10-tuplet into a quintuplet. I am careful not to select the tuplet mark:

This results in the quintuplet being deleted:

This only occurs if I paste 4 or more notes. If I paste 3 or less notes, the tuplet is retained:

Can someone please explain to me what I’m doing wrong?


Just turn on chord mode (Q) before you paste. Notes and tuplets are both “entries” that can paste over each other, so what you want to do is merge them.

When you can use Move to Staff Below or Copy to Staff Below, note that those commands preserve tuplets from one staff to another.

Thank you! I got it to work when I selected the tuplet marking and turned on chord mode. Without the tuplet marking I only get 4 notes in the quintuplet and the rest begins in the next tuplet. Weird.

This is not critical but perhaps a minor bug?