Tuplet entry

Having a hard time entering tuplets. Triplets are easy and work flawlessly. However, other tuplets such as quintuplets, sextuplets and septuplets are hit or miss. I think I’m following the protocol in the Tuplets Popover:

"You can open the tuplets popover during note input in Write mode in any of the following ways:

Press ;.

As tuplets are often described in ratios, such as 3:2, the tuplets popover uses the semicolon key to be memorable.

Choose Write > Create Tuplet."

As I said, it’s hit or miss on this end.

Any suggestions? Is it a bug?

The tuplet function is indeed very powerful and always works as expected when used correctly.

  1. Make sure you have the correct rhythmic duration selected for the notes you’ll input
  2. semicolon
  3. input the ratio, Enter
  4. here you can change the note value before entering if you wish.

For example, if you want 6 quarter notes in the space of 4, but the first one is a pair of eighths, you’d do the following:

Note input mode
input the two 8th notes
input the remaining quarters

That description is from the reference topic giving examples of how to use the tuplets popover - are you following the steps outlined in the task for inputting tuplets?

For any tuplet other than triplets, you need to specify how many “normal notes” it’s fitting into, like 5-in-the-time-of-4, 5:4. The rhythmic unit used for “in-the-time-of” is the rhythmic duration currently selected in the Notes panel, or any other unit if you specify it, e.g. “5:4e” for quintuplet quavers/eighth notes.