Tuplet indicator not visible in Key editor


I was writing music last night using the key editor. I was adding tuplet and found that the small tuplet indicator didn’t pop up and made it difficult to enter tuplet easily.

This example was from when I used the repeat button to repeat the triplet. You can see the triplets above, but not the Tuplet indicator in the key editor.

I noticed that when I toggled the rhythmic grid option away and back to the quaver grid within key editor I found that the tuplet indicator popped up again.

Is this a known bug? I’m on the latest iPad version.

No, this isn’t a known bug, so thank you for reporting it. We’ll look into it.

Edited to add: This seems quite tricky to reproduce reliably. The first time I tried, I found that the first tuplet I added in a new project didn’t cause the indicator to appear in the Key Editor, but having then closed and restarted Dorico on my iPad, I’m unable to reproduce the problem again. If you happen to hit upon a reliable way to reproduce the problem, do let me know.

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I had a quick chat with my colleague Andrew, who is the developer of the Key Editor, and he actually has an idea what could be causing it, as he’s seen a problem like this before.

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Untitled Project 12.dorico (554.8 KB)

@dspreadbury thanks for looking into it. I opened a new project and couldn’t reproduce. Then I went back to the original file and the issue was happening again. Perhaps a factor is my use of AUv3s in the project? I’ve attached the project if it helps.

bump - this is still happening in the latest version. I’ll try to stick to other input methods since the key editor is quite frustrating for this bug and other reasons (so much potential though - I’m not aiming to make orchestral mock-ups etc and I learned music notation before I learned anything about DAWs but I like to write with chromatic and rhythmic freedom and the key editor is also good for arpeggiated held chords)