tuplet loses its rhythmic value after copy and paste

Still trying to get a simple sixteenth sextuplet to work.

I created the sextuplet (my flow has only one bar so far!) in a violin part, copied it and pasted it into the cello and it came out as a six-note group of sixteenths, thereby adding an eighth beat to the violin and the other instruments’ rests as well.

was the tuplet digit selected as well? It is possible to copy just the notes under a tuplet, if the tuplet itself is not selected.

Well, when we finally have a manual of some sort, it can make note that the cut box has to be carefully drawn to capture all details that one wants copied and to be sure that all elements that one wants copied light in orange. (Though, why doesn’t the beam turn orange?).

You can’t select the beam in Write mode: when you click the beam you get the notes under the beam selected, but the beam itself is never selected. You can select it in Engrave mode so that you can adjust it.