Tuplet note grouping over barline

I’ve got a tuplet that spans two bars. It’s 3 semibreves in the space of 3 semibreves. (Yes, I know.) When I span the tuplet over the barline, Dorico changes the note grouping from a two minims tied over the barline to 1 semibreve on one side of the barline.

So, I get this:

And I want this:

Is there a global setting anywhere? I can’t find one. Otherwise I have to manually force duration for each tied half.
Screenshot 5.png
Screenshot 4.png

I take it you want the bracket to indicate the hemiola, since in actuality this is not a tuplet.

I believe what wiggy is doing is using a 3:3 tuplet workaround to get the bracket shape he wants…

No, there is no global setting that allows this kind of duration behavior. I think I remember a talk somewhere that no settings allowed for “messed-up” number of beats per measure without all sorts of workarounds.

Ah. Gould p.210 suggests that tuplets across the bar should be written this way, as if the barline weren’t there. I presume that’s what Dorico is following when I flip the Span switch.

However, Gould goes onto to say that the spanning note can be subdivided if it’s more helpful.

I would expect you to find that the note is not split at the barline, but can be made to split by setting the ‘Split note at spanned barline’ property.

You’re absolutely right, Daniel. I must make a mental note to scour the Properties pane more closely.