Tuplet number and bracket not showing

I have a tuplet that refuses to show the number and bracket. Engraving Options are standard /default. No matter what I try, Dorico insists on hiding the number and bracket. Only the signpost indicates that it is a tuplet. Any tips?

Scroll to the bottom of Engraving Options > Tuplets and you’ll find a default setting that hides them after a certain number of the same one in a row. (This can be useful, and in fact standard, for long-repeated figuration.) For this case you could either:

  • change that setting, or turn it off entirely
  • just force this particular triplet 3 and bracket to show in Properties.

Thank you. This was exactly the problem.

I have no tuplet numbers showing, even though they are there. This is set to “number only” and “always show ratio and bracket.” Here’s the first two bars of music:

There is no tuplet section in the properties panel.

Make sure View > Signposts > Tuplets is switched on (and that View > Signposts > Hide Signposts is switched off).

You would need to show the tuplet signpost in order to select it/them. Then the tuplet details will show in the property panel.

You have probably set the engraving options to hide adjacent tuplets…

Engraving option is set to “always show ratio and bracket.” I turned signposts on, and it doesn’t show a tuplet signpost, even though I entered the music in with the tuplet tool, as shown in the online tutorials. I tried switching fonts in Font Styles, but that didn’t do anything either.

Please attach the project itself, so we can see what’s actually going on.

WP473 Technic Classics 3.dorico (2.0 MB)
The piece is on p. 23.
(This is my first project with Dorico software.)

In Library > Font Styles, selet Tuplet Font and click the “revert” button in the action bar. You’ve chosen Academico as the font, which is no good: it must be set to the music font.

That’s so strange, because when I was playing with that to no avail, I reset it to factory default and it set to default text font. Let me try this again. Stay tuned…and thank you for helping me so quickly!!

Should they be this small? I upped the point size to 24pt and it didn’t do anything. Also, hitting the reset to factory settings button makes it Academia.

There are two font styles – Tuplet Font, and Tuplet Plain Font. Tuplet Font is used when Tuplet digit style (on the Tuplets page of Engraving Options) is set to Bold weight or Regular weight. Tuplet Plain Font is used when Tuplet digit style is set to Plain font.

You should click the “revert” button for both Tuplet Font and Tuplet Plain Font.

I noticed that, and I did reset to factory default on both. But I think the parent fonts are not going back to the correct ones. What should each of them be?

Ah! My engraving option was set to Regular weight. I switched it to Plain font and now the font styles are showing as expected.