Tuplet numbers collide with beams

Searched the forums but didn’t find an answer. Frequently have the tuplet number covered by the beam, not always in cross staff beaming. Looked for a way to prevent this but didn’t find one. Have I missed something? Thanks

Can you post a pic? This sounds odd to me, and if I had to guess, perhaps your layout is very tight vertically? Are you using a non-standard font or unusual rastral size?

If this is regarding your ‘Dark and Fatal Beauty’ for two pianos shared on the other thread (interesting piece, by the way) I don’t see anything particularly odd in the individual piano parts. I do see the tuples numbers collide with slurs, but this is unavoidable due to how some of them are stretched. The full score, on the other hand, has all sorts of things going on. I’d suggest getting rid of the manual stave spacing overrides and adjusting the default values in the staff spacing section of the layout options. You shouldn’t need to adjust every page manually like you have; you should be able to make some of the default values larger and then only tweak the occasional issue.

Try larger defaults for the braced staff to braced staff and staff group to staff group options, for starters.

Now I do see some cases where your tuplet numbers are way below the part but they have been edited to be this way. Perhaps you think they are behind the beam when in reality they’ve just been lowered 11 spaces? Removing those overrides puts them right back where they are supposed to be.

By the way, I tried the following things and got good results:

In the casting off section I set it to three staves per page.
I removed all staff spacing overrides for the entire full-score layout.
I applied these values and immediately got a pretty good result:

Some even very full pages rendered very nice results without the need for manual spacing intervention. Yes, things like slurs and whatnot need tweaking, but this gets you a lot closer to a codified and measured look.

Romanos401, thanks for taking the time to look at this. I wasn’t completely done with editing this yet, which is way the tuplet # is in the wrong place. I don’t remember if this was the piece in question or not but it does apply to other pieces. I haven’t done much with casting off or any staff spacing setting. There are times in this piece when in extreme registers the spaces do need to be adjusted to avoid colliding with the music on other staves, but I will look into this. And thanks for the compliment.

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Romanos401, I tried your suggestion above and set the numbers to match the ones shown but got a rather crowded result.

For the tuplet numbers, if you select one that’s not positioned well to your eye and check in the Properties panel at the bottom, there’s an option for the Placement of tuplet numbers/brackets - for cross-staff beams, you most likely want one of the two cross-staff options (the buttons with the bracket hooks pointing in opposite directions).


Thanks for the reply Lillie. The problem is if you have a large number of these and it can be very time consuming.