Tuplet problem when changing percussion notes

I am trying to change some percussion pitches, and I find that something strange happens with tuplets…
This is the original music:
I select the second part of the measure and I press Alt+Arrow up. I would expect to obtain this:
But I obtain this (it seems that the tuplet does not change with the notes):
Is that the intended behavior? Is there any way to do this?
Thank you in advanced!

Are you sure you have ordered the screenshots correctly?
Captura3 looks like I think you would want, right?

As for me guessing: make sure you also select the tuplet when moving notes like this. With percussion, Dorico basically cuts your music and pastes it into anothper instrument, which just seems to be a staff line above because of the representation of this instrument. (Some developer please correct me on the exact technical process)
A pretty genius thing to do, btw… chapeau to the team

Exactly, I have corrected this. Thanks!

Yes, tuplets where selected… I also have tried to use reentering pitches (Lock to duration, shortcut L) but it seems not to work for percussion staves.

There will be some improvements in this area in the next version of Dorico, when it arrives.

Good news, thank you, Daniel!