Tuplet signposts can't be deleted (through ANY means)

After creating some tuplets, I changed my mind on them, but found I was unable to delete their signposts. Are they zombie tuplets???
Have a look: Tuplet signposts never DIE! - YouTube
Any suggestions? Bullet to the head?

If you can share the offending project here in your thread so someone can take a look, we might be able to find out! If it’s a massive file size, try applying the Silence playback template.

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wrldwdarr, there is a step I would try first: select the first barline and split the flow. Then delete the second flow.

As I said in the YT video comments, the problem you’re facing might be related to the fact that some tuplets are nested, in which case it makes sense that there ought to be an order to delete them (you cannot delete the nest without deleting the eggs before, or smth like that). k-b’s method should work, of course :wink:


I realized what I did wrong. I had not activated the tuplet signposts at first. I just deleted the notes. Then when I activated the signposts and tried to delete them, it didn’t work–unable to delete through non-destructive (to everything else) means. This is definitely a bug–I mean, one should still be able to select and delete signposts even after mistakenly forgetting to delete them initially, right?
I think these signposts are a real pain in the butt, but I’ll have to get used to remembering when to turn them on and off (I’ve already created a key-cmd for it). LMK if you still want a copy of that flow to mess around with.

No nests. Just rotten eggs. :wink:

I’ve never encountered this myself, so do share the project for investigation.

I’ve managed to replicate some of this.
tuplet signpost.dorico (462.1 KB)

I think I created the tuplets, filled them with semis, hid the bracket+ number, individually deleted the semis- ensuring the signpost was not selected, removed the rests. At some point, the tuplet properties panel disappeared and thereafter the signposts cannot be deleted.

Okay here it is. Lots of erratic behavior here. The top staff shows the two-bar segment that I am working with. I have copied/pasted (correctly WITH the signposts) a few times in order to show this erratic behavior with tuplets. In the second staff down, I did NOT have signposts on when I deleted. Upon first deletion, dotted quarter notes remained. When I proceeded to delete those (again with NO signposts visible), DORICO left two seemingly blank bars. Then I activated “view signposts” and four of the tuplet-signposts remained–un-deleteable.
In the third staff-system down, I only deleted once and left it to show you what happened. This time (even with identical music) DORICO left two visible tuplets behind, in addition to the dotted quarters and the signposts for the first two tuplets no longer appear…
In the bottom staff system, again, I selected all notes of the two bars (again, without having signposts visible) and hit delete. This time (again, identical music) DORICO left only the dotted quarters (and all tuplet signposts).
I think the problem has to do with my global setting of only showing the first tuplet. What do you think?
Undeletable Tuplet Signposts.dorico (552.7 KB)

I think this is a case of the drawing not updating rather than anything more sinister. Try opening the file you uploaded - you’ll probably need to tell Layout Options to to never use the First Master Page or you’ll get a blank screen (that’s another problem for another day) - but you’ll also find that your “undeletable” tuplets on the second system have magically disappeared, even with signposts turned on.

If I replicate your steps, I get the same “problem”. If I switch the Engraving Option so that all tuplets are shown, then manually hide some of the tuplets, then delete the passage, I again get the same “problem” - so no, it’s not specifically to do with your global setting of only showing the first tuplet (but is dependent on tuplets being hidden, either automatically or manually).

Either way, when you save, close and then reopen the file, the tuplets that were theoretically undeletable no longer appear in the project.


Okay. Thanks pianoleo for your thorough response. Much appreciated. I love DORICO, btw.

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