Tuplet sixteenth beam separation, quarter note over the beat

I’m having problems with engraving issues. I am copying an older Haydn score and I am trying to get a default triplet look without having to split the beaming all the time.

I am also trying to get the quarter note to read as a quarter note when it starts on the of a beat.

Attached are two images

The first is the look I’m trying to get and the second is what Dorico gives me.

I would like to set the defaults for the triplets to separate from each other and from the other notes.

I would also like to either force or at least be able to make the quarter notes look like in the above example not two eighths tied together like Dorico wants to do.
Desired image triplet sixteenth
Dorico given image

Love the program. I was telling a friend about it today and he said I sounded like I was quoting an ad.

I was thinking that it might be better to think of entering it as if it was in 8/8 but still show common (c) time. I couldn’t figure out how to do that.

I know how to do it in Finale but this is one part that is not as intuitive as Finale. I know it sounds funny even saying that but this time it is true.

To separate the two triplets - select the note at the start of the second group of three and do Edit > Beaming > Split Beam.

To convert the two tied eighths into one quarter, select the tied notes press U to untie, then select the first eighth and press O (letter O) to force duration and then press 6 to make it into a quarter.

You actually don’t need to untie. Just select the tied 8ths, press O, 5, 6.

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I know how to split the beaming. My whole document is going to want the beams separate. I want it to do it by default rather than me having to do each individual grouping.

Thanks for the tip on the quarter notes. I wasn’t able to do that one at all.

I am wondering if there is a way to make it default to the quarter note. Like a half note in the middle of a bar in 4/4 time. I want the quarter to behave as if it was in 8/8.

Dorico doesn’t have settings that do either of those by default. You’ll have to break the beam and force the duration every time. If there is a repeating rhythmic pattern, you can copy a bar with the rhythm notation set and re-pitch.

This is an interesting example. But it is no worse than note entry in other software, overall. I quickly got used to knowing which notes I would have to force duration before entering them. (The reason you would get the desired quarter note in 8/8 meter is that it defaults to 3+3+2 eighths, so the first quarter is within a beam group.)

Thanks for your feedback. Everyone was helpful on this one.

I think a lot of the published Haydn is divided up this way. It may be something to look at implementing in a future edition.

The example I am using from ISMLP the Haydn Violin Concerto in G Major, first movement.

Thanks Andreas, I think that’s the answer I’m looking for.

Does anyone know the chapter in the Operations Manual that deals with this?

There is some discussion of how to input time signatures with custom beat groupings e.g. here.

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