Tuplet spanning barline possible defect

Two hypotheses exist. Either I am going totally nuts, or this is some sort of odd defect. I use tuplets spanning barlines heavily throughout my pieces for long notes. [I wish Dorico would provide an option to allow this without having to faff around with the tuplet hack, but that is not the issue.]

Using a dotted crotchet, if I add anything after it the quaver rest in the next bar collapses and the spacing is wrong. Try it!

Minimal working example attached. Dorico Windows 11 Insider Preview.

spans barline exp.dorico (428.7 KB)

In my score, other note values work fine. It’s very weird to me.

I’m prepared to accept hypothesis A but it does not get my score engraved. :slight_smile:

Sorry for being dense, Andrew, but when I open your project, this is what I see:

What do I need to do from this state to trigger the problem?

Click the tuplet number in the bass stave and set to ‘spans barline’. The bars compress and do not leave the space that should be in the next bar (a quaver’s worth).


Thanks for the clarification.

This is the expected behaviour, for what it’s worth. When there’s nothing “solid” for Dorico to space, Dorico won’t leave space. (This is the same reason, for example, that if you use the Ends voice property to prevent bar rests from appearing in later bars, those bars will end up very narrow.)

You’ll need some monkey business to get this effect if you have no other music at the start of the second bar. A hidden tuplet with a hidden quaver in another voice is possibly the best way to approach it.

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Ah great. That’s not so hard to do. Appreciated. I can rule out Hypothesis A.