Tuplet with number slurred

Hello, I’m a newbie on this forum, and a newbie with Dorico Pro 3.5.
Before I post this new thread, I looked for my problem in the documentation, then I looked for a similar thread in this forum (the “tuplet slurred” is the nearest thread but not exactly the same problem…). As my problem is purely graphical, I do not add my project but provide screenshots.
I’d like to add a slur only on the number of a tuplet, not replacing the bracket on the tuplet.
Some engravers use this notation to avoid confusion with fingering when there are no-bracket tuplets.
As this engraver option seems to be missing in Dorico, I try a workaround :

  • I try to change the music symbol of the tuplet (number 3), it looks good for tuplet placed below :

  • But there are no above/below symbols :worried:, so when I flip the tuplet, it looks wrong :
    Tuplet number slurred-2

Q: Does anyone found a better workaround that works for above/below placement ?
Q: Does Steinberg will add this engraver option ?
(A toggle to add a slur on the ratio number that will follow the placement above/below)


Welcome to the forum @sgallois !

I wouldn’t be able to say anything about potential changes in Dorico itself, but for the time being you could create a custom playing technique that looks like a tuplet number with a slur glyph instead of editing the music symbol. Playing techniques allow you to set a different appearance for when it’s above and below the staff, meaning you could accommodate both versions for the same object.

I love this piece… (sorry, OT…)

Thanks you Lillie for your response, I’ll give a try to custom playing technique. :wink:

And retranscribing this piece with Dorico is a quite good exercice. :smiley:
Key change in the middle of the piece, multiple voices, I got Ossia on my reference version.