Tuplets : 7 64th notes in 1/8th note duration?

I’m new at it, have put some effort into this, and come up dry.
I know it’s basic. Could you help me through this one and/or point me to a help resource with more examples?

Note input
2 for 64ths
Semicolon for tuplet popover
7:8, Enter
Do the note thing

As yet, no joy.
I want all the 64th notes to start and end within the duration of an 1/8th note.
In this case I want to cram all 7 notes of the tuplet into the 3rd note of the top line leaving all six of the remaining notes in the top line undisturbed. (I’m notating a trill transcribed from a recording.)

Entering 7:8 results in this:
Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 6.04.03 PM

You mean the F?

Try ; 7:4z Enter.

Sorry. The G. ***********

You have to press the “2” to set 64th notes before pressing the semi-colon and the 7:8 to indicate seven notes (in the denomination already set, i.e. 64th notes) in the space of eight.

And you can’t always easily convert an existing note to a tuplet without some trouble. Delete the note first.

That worked! Why?

Or this: https://i.imgur.com/IC6Xcq5.gif

Edit: as Derrek said, I had to press 2 before activating the tuplet.

That makes sense. I’ll try it soon as I learn pianoleo’s trick.

If you’ve got existing notes, you have to specify the note value within the tuplet popover or it’ll base the rhythmic value of the tuplet on the first selected note. z = 64th as per the popover documentation.
In this case you want 7 64ths in the time of 1/16, mathematically equivalent to 4/64, so typing 7:4z (or even 7/4z) into the popover will give you that.

The method of specifying note value first works fine if you’re typing into rests, but not if you’ve got notes where you want to place the tuplet.

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Leo’s right, as usual, but it always feels like too much math for me to do that! :joy: That’s why I prefer to delete and re-enter the tuplet. If it need to happen for you a lot, I’d definitely acclimate to Leo’s suggestion.

Getting my head around Fs and Gs was too much brainwork for me - I still haven’t worked out what clef the screenshot’s in :wink:

Ok, got the joy. Thanks.
Got the popover documentation in my collection now. Wow. Lots of code, lots of testing! But no bugs of course.

I would start a new score (save the old of course) and then set up my notes on different staves - with both scores in Sibelius - use the switch command to swap between them (top right). Then use a plugin to merge the staves and copy the desired bar into your original.

Have a great new year - won’t be difficult to beat the one we’ve left!

How does this relate to Dorico?