Tuplets in compound time signatures

Hi, I am a newbie here so please forgive any faux pas I might make. I’ve searched and searched and I cannot find how to input 8 32nd notes into 3 8ths in a bar of 9/8. I see there is a thing called “use contracting ratios” which gets a mention a few times but nowhere can I find where that setting is or even if it is the right thing for me. It looks from what I have found as if this might not currently be possible in Dorico Pro as I suspect I would need a ratio of 8:1.5 or something like that. Sadly my GCSE maths is failing me and I do not understand the ratio concept in this case either. So in a nutshell, 8 32nds in 3 8ths in 9/8: can it be done, if so pleeeeeease tell me how!

Thanks in advance and desperation because my current orchestration has LOADS of these odd fast runs!

Welcome to the forum, Skihorn. Are you looking for an 8:12 ratio? You would normally write 12 32nd notes in the space of 3 8th notes, so unless I’m missing something, all you have to do is choose the 32nd note from the notes panel, then type ; and in the tuplet popover type 8:12 and hit Return.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your reply. For some reason I didn’t get notification of it so missed it completely. I took a break from that project but am now back on it and YES!! 8:12 in 9/8 gives me the desired effect. I had not grasped how the ratio principal worked, I now do. Thanks, belatedly, for your help.

Welcome back, and I’m glad it helped. Do let us know if you need any further help.