Tuplets not constant with caret moving through parts

I think this video is self explanatory :

I like very much how the caret can be moved very fast to develop an idea between different instruments.
The shame is that it doesn’t seem to work as soon as tuplets are involved…
Is this a bug or a choice from Dorico’s team? Is this case is this still up for debate?

The caret advances by the value set in the rhythmic grid (see bottom left corner for example), or to the nearest note/rest (whichever is closer). If the caret is currently under a tuplet, then that value is scaled by the tuplet ratio too, since it moves by the notated duration, rather than the played duration.
So what you are seeing is entirely intentional. What did you expect instead in your particular situation?

Ok that makes sense
What I would expect is to keep adding new notes under the tuplet ratio, even after moving to another staff.

Right now it seems that, after moving the caret to the second staff, no note is added :

  • no 1/4th tuplet
  • not even a regular 1/4th note (regular grid)
    what I expect.png
    what I get.png

When you move to another staff, the tuplet doesn’t exist there, so the caret isn’t going to be at a tuplet position on that new staff. I don’t think it’s likely that we would ever change it such that Dorico would spontaneously create a tuplet on another staff just because you navigated the caret there.

Dear Daniel as usual I think you’re right on this point,
I realize my demand is a bit unreasonable so I withdraw it :slight_smile:

I figured out a short detour that can be good enough to do what I want :
first input rests with the desired tuplets ratios in every voices involved,
then move the caret around between staffs and write notes.
It works perfectly for instance with several voices of 7:4 tuplets on top of each other, so I’m good with that !

But still, in this situation I pointed there’s something wrong in workflow, possibly even a bug :
when jumping from one voice to another, which don’t share the same ratio
(regular grid vs. 3:4 tuplet / or 7:4 vs. 5:4 for instance),
it suddenly becomes impossible to write any new note.

This can be seen in my previous video at 0:32, but here’s the order of operation to reproduce it :

  • in staff 1 input a given tuplet ratio
  • in staff 2 input another one (this one can even remain regular 4:4)
  • write some notes in staff 1, then move the caret to staff 2
  • type a note letter several times : the caret moves forward until the end of the bar but no note is drawn. It’s necessary to escape, then come back to step-input to be able to write something.

It would seem more logical to me that the caret would move to the closest “allowed” point in the new staff grid, then allow immediately to write something else, don’t you think?

Yes, I agree that it should handle that case better, and that this is a bug.