tuplets popover does not work

Hi there!
I have a problem with writing tuplets.
The tuplets popover just does not open on the given shortcut. I guess, it must be some kind of bug!?

Is there any other way to edit the partition of a tuplet, e. g. from 3:2 to 6:4 ?

Kind regards!

No offense intended, but are you certain you know how it’s supposed to work? In note input mode, the semicolon doesn’t create a tuplet?

Do you have an English keyboard?

Dear Dan Kreider,
thank you with the hint to try the semicolon once again. All of a sudden, it worked!

Now I found the common source of my very few frustrations on Dorico:
I wish that all popover shortcuts would work in edit as well as in selecting mode, because I am frequently switching those modes in my workflow - as I type in the notes via mouse. Maybe, a future update might consider this? :wink:

Kind regards and many thanks for your help!

“Typing in notes via mouse” is pretty much the slowest way you can get notes into Dorico. You might consider changing your workflow :wink:

Use em vez de ; a seguinte tecla ç