Turn between notes?

Hi all,

I have this β€”


With shift+O I can add a turn. It will be placed above the note, but I would like it to stay centered between the two notes.

Is this something one could use a custom line for? Or is there some other way?


Put the caret where you want it, half way between the two notes, then type Shift-O and add the turn.


True, this works! Thanks. Enter dotted quarter, back one eighth with left arrow, shift+o β€œturn”, right arrow, enter next note.

Probably not much to gain from creating a custom line (if that’s even an option).

Anyway, I tried to create an invisible line with a turn in the middle, here is the result. It has both pros and cons, but the main advantage is that it positions itself right between the notes. Here is the result.

Applied to a pair of notes, attached to rhythmic position and with the properties pane –