Turn Cursor On/Off in Editor

I accidentally turned off the Cursor in the Score Editor. Does anybody out there know how to turn it on?

Probably the same way you “turned it off” just the other way round…

Aloha E,

This may or may not help.

From my C5 manual page 494:

The project cursor
The project cursor appears as a vertical line across the staff. When you open the Score Editor, the view is auto- matically scrolled so that the project cursor is visible in the window. This means you do not always see the beginning of the edited part when you first open the Score Editor.
• Holddown[Alt]/[Option]and[Shift]andclickanywhere in the score to move the project cursor there.
This is handy when the project cursor is not visible. This is not possible if Keyboard Input mode is activated, see “Entering notes using the compu- ter keyboard” on page 514.

Good Luck!

I have the same problema here. THe autoscrolling vertical bar in the score has suddenly dissapeared.
I cannot find the way to get it back. THe documentation does not mention anything about this.

Any help is appreciatted.
Montxo Garcia