Turn Halion Sonic SE to a sampler

Let us put our own audio to Halion Sonic SE, so we could play audio samples with Legato, Pitch bend, filters etc…

i mean, it has a SYNTH in it… shouldn’t it be a proper Sampler as well?
i dont know if the full version of halion sonic does support that feature but we should have basic Sampling capabilities in cubase.

the other option is to have a legato (glide) feature in Groove Agent SE + Pitch detection to let groove agent automaticly calculate the samples root note
then we will be able to spread it to all pads (wich we can do today)

You have to buy the full version to do this. What you are requesting is intentionally left out of it.

Halion Sonic 2 is an expandable workstation-style synth. It’s Halion 5 that works as a sampler.

yeah i know guys.
of course halion 5 is an amazing and complete workstation, but still cubase should come with basic sampling capabilities.

we have a few synths, a great drum machine, so many fx… a basic sampler is a must these days!

It does come with a great basic sampler which is called Groove Agent SE4. You ought to try it. You can drag and drop samples on to it.