Turn Off All Sound

How do I turn off all sound in Dorico Pro 4 Version I only want to hear the metronome click when inputting notes in real-time. I don’t want to hear sound when I playback a piece of music. I only used Dorico Pro for transcribing.

Presumably one can mute the parts one does not want to hear. The process may be different depending one the VST’s one is using.

Yes, you can mute everything in the Mixer apart from the click track.

That didn’t work. I have a two-bar count-in. Instead of simply playing the metronome (a single click on the beat) It’s also playing a click matching the notes in the two bars. How do I stop it from doing this?

Check the settings on the Click page of Playback Options. In compound meter it will also play sub-beats by default.

I selected a measure where I want to start recording. I clicked the record button and recorded two measures. A simple C Major Scale in quarter beats.

Each time I play a note on the keyboard I hear a click. The notes are recorded in Dorico.

After recording the scale I click a note on the scale and I hear the note and a click.

How do I turn off the click I hear during recording and when I click a note on the score?

It sounds like you may have the Dorico Beep plug-in, which has its UREI-style click patch loaded, assigned for playback. You’d need to check what VST plug-in is chosen for each instrument in the Track Inspector panel in Play mode. Presumably you want to choose nothing rather than Dorico Beep.

Thanks! That’s what I wanted.

Is there way to make Dorico Pro 4 play only the sound of the metronome? I only use Dorico Pro for transcribing. So I don’t use the Halion sounds at all.

Mute all the tracks you don’t want to hear?

Isn’t this the same basic answer provided in the thread where you asked this question before?

There is an even simpler solution: Choose the Silent playback template. Then all VSTinstruments get unloaded except for DoricoBeep, the plug-in that generates the metronome sounds.
And in the Preferences dialog you can even assign the Silent template as default for any new project that you create.


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