Turn off all variaudio

Is there a quick way to turn off all the variaudio in a project?

or on a track with multiple events etc…




Yes, there is a Disable Pitch Changes button. It seems like a “bypass” button.

See attached screenshot, please.

Yes I’m aware of that - I’ve got it assigned to a keystroke.

However that only turns the variaudio off for a block of audio… not the whole track or project.


It would be nice to have it on Project…

Imagine to do a bounce of 20 tracks with many takes in there, without the Variaudio…

+1 Yes!

It would be great for those clients that say “how much $$$ for vocal edits and tuning???”

Then you could globally turn off Vari AAudio and send them a copy “this is what you sound like without all my hard work…please make check out to…”


Yes, so they can valorize our work and art…

Ha - If my clients knew what they really sounded like they would never record again. Long live Variaudio!

I’m working with a girl band and the manager wants to send the vocals I’ve recorded to someone else to produce.

I had to go through and turn of the variaudio for 5 girls lead vocal tracks plus 4 or 8 tracks of harmonies for each girl. Bearing in mind I had the audio split in to multiple blocks per track… It wasnt fun.

In future I’ll maybe comp the takes and then bounce them together on a different track version.

Please Steinberg?

Trackversions are the solution at the moment but not much help if you haven’t made them before tuning. Perhaps a logical editor macro is possible…