Turn off automatic score ordering - Dorico 4

How do I turn off Automatic Score Order? I’ve got an orchestral score with lots of horns in different keys and when I try to change them, (for example, Horn in F to Horn in F no key signature), the score setup changes (to accommodate the ‘new’ score order) but the actual music doesn’t. I’ve now got Horn 2 above Horn 1 in the score playing Horn 1’s music.

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I’ve seen this too this week – specifically with changing Horn keys, in fact.

In Setup mode, at the bottom of the list of players on the left, press and hold on the Sort button (with the down-arrow) and choose “None”.

Thanks – You got me to check this out, so now I understand why I was having the exact same problem!

Brilliant! Thanks. The constant rearrangement and renumbering of Horns has been driving me nuts.

Is there some way to have it off by default? It’s more annoying than helpful.

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No, you can’t disable it by default at present, but it’s a setting saved in the project, so it’s something you could include in your user templates.


I am so glad I found this answer from this post. Thank you for raising this enquiry. I personally felt that this is a good feature when I start the score for the first time. I am glad that there is the option to turn it off subsequently if I would like to do it manually. Thank you.