Turn off master insert bypass?

Does anyone know how to audition sounds via import audio without bypassing the master channel inserts?

I’ve just calibrated my studio using IKmultimedia Arc room corection which is used as a plugin on the master bus. It has made a huge improvement to my listening enviroment (I didn’t realise how bad my room was until now), but the trouble is when I audition sounds via import audio it bypasses the master strip and I lose the benifit of Arc.
Also, another reason I’d like to be able to leave the inserts on is that it would be handy to have a spectrum analyzer open to see what range certain elements fill


Now, if we just knew what software you´re using…?
I´d say use the control room…

Sorry, I’m using Cubase 6…
I did look it up in the manual and read that you are able to chose between control room and master bus. I haven’t tried it yet as I’m not at my computer right now but was assuming that I would need two instances of Arc. One for the master bus (monitoring) and one for the control room (auditioning). That would mean more cpu though, which is not the end of the world but if I was able to do it with just one instance of of Arc and save a little bit of juice that would be a better solution.

You´re assuming wrong…

Excellent, thanks for that, vey informative!

I’ve never used the control room as I’ve never had any need for it but I’ll look in to it…


Put Arc & your spectru analyser only in control room - disconnect your stereo outs from vst connections (i.e leave the bus there but don’t route to soundcard)

Yep, spot on. Thankyou… Exactly what I was after.

Much appreciated.