Turn off Newer backup warning?

I use “save as” to create a new project file anytime I make significant changes, which makes it easy to “go back” to a previous version if I screw something up. Whenever I open an older version, I get this message:

A backup project newer than this project exists!
Do you want to open this backup project?

…and then when I say no, it asks if I want to delete the backup, so I say no again.

I KNOW automatic backups are created, and if I wanted to open one of them, I would do so deliberately. Is there a way to turn this annoying message off?

hey did you figure out how to turn off the message? I’m still running Cubase 7 so I get this message still…

Yeah I’m still dying to figure this one out… Anyone? I’m now on Cubase 9/9.5 and I still am getting the same thing… just checked all the settings and can’t find anything