Turn off playback during MIDI recording?

I thought I saw, either in one of the videos or in the Version History, a reference to having a choice during MIDI recording of whether or not to hear already-entered music playing back.

I would like to turn that off, because my already-entered music include voices, which by definition sound a bit late. This, of course, makes rhythmically accurate recording much more difficult.

However, I haven’t been able to find any further reference to it. It’s not in Playback Options (unless I missed it), and I can’t think where else to look.

Thanks as always for your help.

I don’t know the answer, but as a workaround you could go into the mixer and solo the instrument that you want to record.

Thanks, Ulf. (And especially thanks for not ending your reply with, “You idiot!”) :slight_smile:

Also, that gave me a way to turn off not only all the other sounds, but even the one I’m recording into (by muting it.) I’m recording into a cello line, and the playback of that voice as I record into it also runs late enough to be crazy-making.

Use Alt+S to solo the instrument you’re recording into (plus the click). Then use Shift+Alt+S to undo it again. These commands are also found in the Play menu.

Thx, Daniel