Turn Off Snapping


Pardon me if this has been dealt with before, but phraseological differences prove searching a challenge, sometimes.

How can I turn “snapping” off in Engrave mode? Sometimes you need just that little more room for a frame, and then it “snaps” to the border; whether top, bottom, left or right.

Thank you!

Having fun! :mrgreen:

I may be wrong, but seem to remember that holding down alt while dragging does the trick…(?)

You’re right.
You can also do fine adjustments from the properties panel. I think it has been announced that you’ll be able to edit frame handles from the keyboard in the upcoming update.

I’ll try the Alt/Opt thing tonight. Thanx, Fratveno!

Yes, Andgle; Daniel mentioned, that we’ll be able to fine tune frames with the keyboard arrows.

Yes. I tried it, and it worked!