Turn on/off for the Lyrics

I miss in Layout-Options turn on/off for the Lyrics for each Layout.
(As for example to do it for the Fingering).

Can you explain what you mean a little further?

In the Full Score (piano+voice) would I have the Lyrics.
The voice should be replaced with the violin.
I would like to hide the text for the violin-Layout.

You could create a violin instrument and copy the vocal part to it, without the lyrics. This would be more consistent : the dynamics would appear below the staff, whereas they are above on singers staves :wink:
This is a ten seconds operation that has a lot of benefits — including correct layout names…

In it I have also thought. But how can I select voice (“Select To End Of Flow”) without the lyrics?
Copy voice+lyrics and then delete lyrics?

Yes! Select the violin part till end of flow, filter lyrics and delete. Very fast operation!

Thanks for the tip.
It is one, but not quite nice method.
Therefore, I thought of the switching on/out of lyrics, how with the fingering.

You can switch the fingering off but it still remains the same instrument — with same engraving rules. It is not the same when you switch from a vocal line to an instrument, and honestly the workflow to get the proper result is really simple. To make it faster, I created myself a very convenient key command for “select until the end of flow” in the key command editor (alt-shift-A)

Thank you Marc, it is a good idea. One must make the best of what one has at disposal.

You could also add the Voice to the Violin staff using a cue. You have to play with the cue definition a bit, but that way the violin will automatically update when you change your voice line.

Unfortunately, show to the cue notes also the lyric with.

You can precisely control what is shown in cues, both generally and on a cue by cue basis.

You are right. In engraving options I have found it. If is also a possibility.

Another way involving the filter is to choose Filter - Deselect Only, then Filter - Lyrics - All Lyrics. This will copy the notes and retain the fingerings without the lyrics, allowing you to then paste only the notes and fingerings.

It is this! This is the right way with which I agree!
Thank you very much, musikmaven! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I will miss the switch on/off for lyrics, nevertheless :cry:

I don’t think we will add a layout option to hide or show lyrics, I’m afraid. I don’t think that’s a valid use case. Don’t write music for a voice and then try to pretend it’s a violin in a part: have a real violin part instead.