Turn Video display 180°?

Hi Folks
Just got a bunch of VideoClips from a live gig and they where recorded (CellPhone) upside down.
Is there a way to turn a video 180° inside Nuendo?
After tweeking the audio the rendered Videos are being replayed in VLC e.g. the right way round automatically,
but it is kinda stupid to see them upside down when working on them.

Servus, Big K


Well, Nuendo isn’t a video editor and, as such, I am happy that it can finally perform
replace audio in video, again.
Easiest way to change the alignment of the videos permanently was
to rotate them on the cellPhone and replace clips.
Doing this on VLC, e.g., is a comparatively complicated job…

Servus, Big K

DaVinci Resolve does an excellent, intuitive job, when it isn’t crashing.

Found this one, too:

ffmpeg, … needs to be adressed like this, e.g.:
ffmpeg -i “C:\Users\xyxyxy\Videos\name_of_video.mp4” -vf transpose=1,transpose=1 “C:\Users\xyxyxy\Desktop\output.wmv”

each transpose1 gives you 90 degrees shift.
ffmpeg does all kinds of stuff for audio, pics and video. Format changes and what not else…
Free, Cool, simple and open source…

Servus, Big K

For this you can use XMEDIA RECODE
Freeware Video Converter with many Codecs and functions. Win only.
Highy recommended.
And it has 90 degree shift option, of course. :wink: