Turning my DAW into a live instrument - How to record and trigger live loops?

Hello - I’ve setup a bunch of VSTs to trigger live and ‘play’ my FX in realtime via controller.

Does anyone know how I can record what I hear in realtime and trigger play back on the fly?
Just like a DJ console, Record Loop punch in and out, record and trigger sample.

The closest I’ve come is an old VST called GLoop by GVST which records well and follows tempo but play back triggering is not designed for performance. I’ve tried many other VSTs including Instalooper, LoopyLama, Enso etc but they are not designed for using in realtime. Maybe there’s something in Reaktor? I think I used to do this ok with Abletons native tools back in the day.

Any ideas?

Also, what other VSTs would you recommend for realtime mangling?

Thanks in advance!


Ok, for anyone interested I discovered that Groove Agent 5 's Sample Recorder is nuts! Exactly what I was looking for. Except only available in the full version so I’ll need to make that purchase.

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