Turning off Double click for Loop in Timeline?

Hi Folks,

This new feature is driving me crazy. I absolutely never need it but I’m used to double clicking in the timeline for location and play. Can it be disabled?


I’m with you 100%.

You have a new friend

Are you aware that the timeline is divided into two ‘click zones,’ upper and lower?

Also, as a workaround, you can place a ruler track at the top of the project, and then you have capacious space for clicking.

I have “Create Ruler Track” assigned to “T” and hit if often as I work. Ruler Tracks are very small, taking up no real space and I drop them in the middle of a bunch of vox tracks I’m comping or the drum kit I’m tweaking or wherever I’m doing lots of edits. Takes 1/2 second to drop one in the middle of the screen where I’m scrolled at the moment. For me, it’s a major saver of up/down mousing and therefore, time. My Project window lives on 4K 65" screen at 3840 x 2160 so there’s a lot of turf to cover. Takes less than 5 seconds to select and remove one or more if they no longer serve a purpose.

That said, I still would disable the double zone Timeline function if there was a Pref for that. Not a fan.

I actually agree, if there were that pref I’d use it. I do similar with Ruler tracks in busy projects, and I usually have one just below the main ruler for clicking and seeing bars/beats and seconds together…