Tutorial: Cubasis To Cubasis Via Audiobus

Thanks to the members of this forum for putting this tutorial idea into my head. In this video I look at 3 different techniques of using Audiobus with Cubasis as both the input and out source.


Nice tutorial!

It certainly opens up a lot of possibilities doesn’t it. :smiley:

I can’t seem to get this to work. Wherever I put Cubasis first, in or out, the other slot grays out the Cubasis entry. Has something changed since you did this video?

Never mind. A reboot cleared it up.

Thanks! I would never have come up with this simple mixdown approch! You dont even need to leave cubasis.
Great community.

Help I can’t get this to work!

I’ve loaded Cubasis into both the input & output parts of Audiobus before launching. However when I try to record some audio nothing comes out and ‘Audio Input’ is set to Audiobus with a ‘?’ below it. However if I add an effect to Audiobus it will work (but obviously via the middle app).

I’ve tried reinstalling both Audiobus and Cubasis & rebooted but still no luck. Any ideas?

More people having the same problem:


Does anyone know if a solution has been found to Cieran’s issue? It seems that this thread stopped without any solution, but I see that many people are still having this issue.