Tutorial DVD

It would be fantastic if SB would make available an OWNER’S MANUAL DVD/CD-ROM so that we could navigate changes in the program and procedures! Want to know how to work with the arranger track? See episode 1 of Section 10. Boom, you’re done!
Given that this product serves a global market and language translations can have LOTS of issues, BEING ABLE TO SEE HOW SOMETHING IS DONE is more than priceless, it’s downright necessary!

When I got my Roland VS units, they offered a VHS Cassette manual for $35.00. I was able to master that device in under a month and had a decade of trouble free work on it. My best year with Nuendo was versions 2 & 3 BECAUSE Cool School offered an OWNER’S MANUAL DVD for Nuendo 2. I literally thrived during that period with Nuendo.

Now with all these standard features now hidden in sub-menus, this multiple windows format, loss of communication with plugs or protocols with other devices, that OWNER’S MANUAL DVD is now even a more critical neccessity! I would be sooo grateful to have a permanent “go to resource” to help me navigate this DAW! Please make that DVD! I promise I’ll BUY IT THE SECOND IT’S RELEASED!!!

It seems to me that most, not all, of the tutorial DVDs out there are produced by third parties. Looks like an opportunity for someone with a bunch of time…

I would agree. What I don’t understand is WHY??? The manufacturer is the best qualified to do it. They’ve already got the cameras rolling for the promo videos they use to attract buyers, and we’re willing to pay for it!

What could possibly be the down side? If the DAWS are selling at $500 for Cubase and $1800 for Nuendo and they charge an additional $75 (download) or $125 for a complete Owner’s Manual DVD, how many millions of dollars are they just throwing away? How much less of a strain would that put on whatever the hell their “calling” a product support department? How much easier would it be to build up brand loyalty with an educated set of users who could better help them continue to improve the product?

Seriously, what am I missing here, besides the information I’d really like to buy? Wouldn’t you buy one IF it were available?